Pilates & Pregnancy


A Pilates workout during pregnancy is based on exercises chosen especially for strengthening the10  
core abdominal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor. Focus on these core muscle groups will help support the weight of the growing baby, promote good posture, and strengthen and lengthen the spine.Pelvic floor focus will aid a quicker recovery after the birth.Women with pregnancy in mind, during pregnancy, and post-pregnancy benefit hugely from Pilates for the following reasons:


Before Pregnancy


Good muscle tone before pregnancy helps with the changes in your body during pregnancy and with carrying the weight of your growing baby, and also helps to get your figure back quickly afterwards.
Increases the tone of the pelvic floor muscles which are very beneficial for ease of childbirth.
During Pregnancy
Relaxation of mind and body in preparation of a newborn.
To be able to work around the changes in your body as the weeks go by.
Good muscle tone during pregnancy helps you to ease tension on your spine and body due to carrying the weight of your growing baby, and also helps to get your figure back quickly afterwards.
Ease of breathing as your baby grows and begins to push up against your diaphragm.
To accommodate the change in hormones in the body,  that gives you more flexibility for childbirth, but care must be taken when moving so that you don’t overstretch or place too much pressure on your joints.
For that all-important feel good factor. Speedy recovery after child birth.
Increased the tone of the pelvic floor muscles are very beneficial for ease of childbirth.



Providing you have had a normal delivery, you can usually start Pilates from around 6-8 weeks after the birth. If you have had a c-section then it could take up to five months before you are able to join a class. Speedy recovery of pelvic floor and deep abdominals, particularly if you have had a c-section or any complications that would compromise these muscles further. Gentle strength of these muscles is necessary for support for the pelvis and spine, reproductive, digestive and urinary systems, and for achieving a flat, toned stomach. For necessary body strength and support to deal with lifting and carrying a growing baby. To increase body and posture awareness.For weight loss and all-over body shape and tone. Relaxation Feel-good factor



I found the prenatal Pilates course such a great help during my pregnancy and looked forward to it every week! Each week was different. The stretches and relaxation part of the class really helped to ease my aches. I felt I had more energy after each class too. Carmel also focussed on easing common problem areas during pregnancy. The classes definately help maintain strength and fitness in the lead up to the birth and helped me return to exercise soon after. 9 weeks later and I'm back to Carmel's classes" - Maressa, Bishopstown

Carmel's pregnancy pilates class is an excellent way of keeping fit throughout your pregnancy.It is a full work out for the body and each class finished with a lovely relaxing meditation session - Mairead.

Having had morning sickness in my first trimester I was delighted to find Carmel's pregnancy class to get me back moving again. I have felt the benefits since my very first class with her. Carmel guides her pregnant students through postures and exercises specifically adapted for pregnancy for pregnancy which gently challenges the body,increasing strength and mobility and alleviates pregnancy complaints/ discomforts such as indigestion.The class is held in a comfortable, very spacious room.The option to drop in and pay per class really suits my sometimes unpredictable schedule. Finishing each class with a short guided meditation means that I float home feeling great, mind and body! Cliona

I found the classes a good asset during my pregnancy. I saw an improvement in my strength and it helped with tackling aches and pains along the way.Relaxed and safe atmosphere with helpful tips and advice from Carmel. - Roisin

I loved Carmel's pregnancy pilates. The gentle stretching exercises really helped ease the lower back pain I had developed from carrying the extra weight. I found walking easier ( I didn't waddle!) and my sleeping really improved over a short few weeks. My favourite part was the breathing and relaxation technique pregnancy can be a worrying time and the class helped me focus my energies on staying healthy and well.I used the breathing techniques during my labour which helped me stay calm. I am now a proud mum to four week old Baby Michael and feel my recovery is faster as a result of the core and pelvic strength I gained from Carmel's Pilates classes. I look forward to continuing on with a regular Pilates class soon - Claire

I would recommend the prenatal Yoga, start early right up to 40 weeks. I experienced a great pregnancy as the moves prevented any aches and pains and pregnancy complications. Tips and tricks given were useful.A relaxed mother is essential for a stress free pregnancy. I found the pregnancy yoga so good I now go to Carmel's pilates class which is great for getting the pst pregnancy body back in shape - Trish