Carmel's Thursday night classes are wonderful. She expertly guides us through the basic exercises offering more advanced options for those who want a greater challenge. It's amazing how rapidly a problem such as shoulder tension, a weak core and poor posture are improving, You leave every class feeling energised and at inner peace.
- Moira

I took up Carmel's Pilates class last year for both exercise and to help with different types of arthritis that I suffer from.I was amazed at the freedom of movement that I have achieved in a short time. Carmel gives us a great
workoutand I've truly felt the benefits over the months. It's something I will definately be sticking with and enjoy. Thank you Carmel ..
- Ber O'Sullivan

I had six lessons in Yoga plus three workshops with Carmel.She has the power to leave a body totally relaxed and have experience of good thoughts that aligns your inner strength and confidence and courage. The road ahead looks brighter now. Thanks a million times Carmel. You are my hero!!
- Thomas J Ryan. Dublin 12. Photographer, poet and lover of life

Since I started Pilates 5 months ago, my stomach feels flatter and less bloated. My joints feel more supple and less stiff. I really enjoy the class and always feel great afterwards.
- Helena Murphy

Since coming to Carmel's Pilates class, my sciatica has gone and I feel much stronger in body and mind. It's my escape from a busy working week and it sets me up for all the rest thanks to you Carmel. 
- Triona Ballyphehane

Carmel is a fantastic teacher. She pushed you to do better and you feel the benefit after each and every class.
- Bill O'Leary

Brilliant Pilates class. Over the past 3 years Carmel has been a fantastic instructor bringing me from a beginner to advanced at a pace that suited my ability. I have gained great flexibility and core strength . The classes are challenging and enjoyable and have plenty variety to stay interesting.I would highly recommend Cork City Pilates and Yoga.
- Ursula Coughlan

This is a great class. Carmel's instruction is always positive and challenging, helping you achieve greater core strength and flexibility in a fun and interesting way. There is always great variety in the classes so you'll never be bored. If like me you don't like going to the gym but still want to get fit then this is the class for you. Try it once and I guarantee you'll keep coming back. I would highly recommend these classes.
- Jan Maloy

Cork City Pilates and Yoga is great!! Awesome workout and a real welcoming fun vibe in class.I have suffered from back pain for years and it has really helped. Definately recommend to anyone who is interested should check it out.
- Kieran Midleton

I decided to attend Carmel's class following strong recommendations from friends. I had recurring knee and hip issues due to running, so I decided to give the Men's Pilates a try.After a few months, I can honestly say it was a great decision. The class is well structured, intense, relaxing, challenging and extremely enjoyable. I can feel the benefits already and look forward to the new routines and challenges every week. Highly recommended.
- Martin

Carmel is an extremely talented Pilates instructor who caters for all. She is professional during her classes, thorough in her explanations and has a wonderful calming effect on her clients. I personally always felt revitalised after all of Carmel's classes and could definately see and feel the results. I would recommend anyone to attend Carmel's Pilates classes, which are without a doubt the best
- Briana Kelly, Amazon

Carmel's classes have noticeably strengthened my core and I've noticed the difference in just a few weeks.They have also helped improve my flexibility which is great because of my hip issues. Also I find the classes help me to relax and I generally sleep like a log afterwards.
- Noel Gilmore

I think Carmel's classes are amazing. I do find my back is after getting so much better from her classes and I feel like I'm standing more straight. I really do find her classes great.
- Eimear ( Ballyphehane class)

Carmel's Pilates classes have really helped me with hip problems I have been experiencing recently. My running and strength training have benefited greatly from the relaxed, varied and enjoyable every Wednesday morning.
- Brian Hanley

Carmel teaches a wide variety of exercises to tone various areas of the body in a fun and relaxed environment. I am more toned and flexible from the classes. Also it is a good way to meet up with people on a regular basis. The class is a good outlet to relieve stress and forget about life for a while
- Deirdre and Caroline

This is an excellent class, tough but very enjoyable. Carmel is a talented teacher and very helpful. Thanks, Kathy.

A good blend of stretching and strengtening exercises, reasonably demanding and very satisfying. Excellent for general health and well being. Carmel is an excellent and highly qualified teacher who leads by example-
- Richard Irwin

Carmel, the best thing I ever did was join your Pilates class. I was having a lot of neck/ back problems and your class is a great help. Also, the fact that you know each person's ability and talk them through each exercise.Thanks
- Seamus.


I have been attending Pilates classes with Carmel now since April 2012 . I've never found an excersise/gym regime that I enjoyed until I began Pilates. I was able to set my own pace to suit my ability and with Carmels guidance progressed to intermediate level. I love the strength and flexibility I have gained. There is a great atmosphere in class, I look forward to attending weekly. Highly recommend this class.-
- Ursula Coughlan

I joined Carmel's Thursday night class for men last year.I find the pilates exercises a great help for back, knee and neck pain.Pilates is also very safe and suitable for people like me (OAP) who havn't exercised in years Regards
- Noel

I would urge anyone to try this class as you'll very quickly come to love it.  You'll be amazed at how quickly
you feel the benefits of the exercises.  If like me you don't like visits to the gym this is the place to be. 
Carmel is a great teacher and is very supportive to everyone of varying levels of ability.  The class is a fun,
friendly place to go to, so why not give it a try!-
- Jan Maloy

After years of physiotherapy for back problems, Carmel's classes have given me a new lease of life. I haven't been at physio for 2 years now thanks to the focus on core strength and stability. The classes are enjoyable too, thanks to the calm and friendly atmosphere. -
- Brian

Carmel is a superb teacher of Pilates. She instinctively understands the level of each individual and tailors her
class accordingly. She also keeps you progressing and you get a real sense that she truly loves what she does.
- Bill O'Leary