About Yoga

 Yoga. Thousands of years of tradition. It's more than just a workout. Learn about yourself. Feel your body and your Spirit. Relax. Tap into a source of Silence and Power inside yourself. It's Yoga. It's Your Life.

Why Yoga is good for you

  • Relaxation of body and mind which in turn revitalizes your nervous system.
  • A feeling of peace and stability
  • A feeling of being taller
  • Holding good posture more easily and without effort
  • Becoming acquainted with muscles you didn’t know you had – which is the first step in toning them up.
  • A feeling of being more energized – if not immediately, certainly the next day relaxation of body and mind which in turn revitalizes your nervous system

About the Instructor

Carmel found her passion for yoga a few years ago when she discovered after an initial yoga workshop that even a short yoga practice in the morning can change your entire day for the positive. She is a qualified and experienced Pilates and Yoga instructor. She likes to combine her Pilates experience of strengthening the core and making the body more flexible, with the physical and spiritual benefit of Hatha yoga. She believes that moving mindfully and with awareness and respect for the body and finding presence in the here and now during asana practice has a positive impact on all aspects of life and that yoga enables people to listen and connect to their inner self.