Yoga for Kids

Children benefit enormously from yoga. Within the confines of a yoga class, they can play and move using both their creativity and imagination.? In a yoga class, children often go on a magical journey around the world, and learn about many cultures and places. Since many of the yoga poses are of animals, children also learn about different animal habitats and endangered species. Relaxation and breathing form part of a Yoga for Kids class promoting a sense of calmness and peace amongst children.

The benefit of Yoga for Kids:

  • Aids their nervous, respiratory and digestive systems Yoga keeps them calm and focused
  • Yoga is non-competitive so they can never be wrong in a class. In this way it promotes creativity in children Enhances their strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. 
  • Improves their concentration and sense of peacefulness. 
  • Yoga is a great remedy; there is no judgment in a yoga class about how a child does a pose or plays a game. Doing a pose ëperfectlyí is not the aim of yoga, which nurtures a childís inner strength and self acceptance. But most importantly for kids, yoga is fun!!
  • Taught by Carmel who is a Qualified and Certified Yoga for Kids Instructor



My daughter Ali, aged nine, started yoga last year with Carmel. Ali is a very active child and I was looking for something that would keep her more centered while at the same time allowing her to express her individuality and have fun. Since starting the kids yoga with Carmel, Ali has become a lot more relaxed in herself and I can see that she practices the breathing techniques that she has been taught in class. She now tells me to calm down and breathe if i get in a state and shows me how to calm my breathing! I am particularly happy with the fact that Carmel does a lot of work in the children's confidence and self esteem, teaching them beautiful sings on love and individuality. I was also delighted to find out that the children do colouring but not just any colouring. This is mindfulness drawing which is an amazing method of being in the now, something we are all trying to achieve. So without doubt Carmel's yoga classes for children are so much more than that- they teach the children relaxation, self appreciation, love and respect for themselves and others and i could not recommend these classes more. Thank you so much Carmel!!" - Laura (Ali aged 9)

My daughter is 8 years old and looks forward to her Yoga class every Saturday with Carmel. It helps her relax and unwind after a long and busy week. She always comes out with a smile on her face. It also helps with her breathing as she has asthma. I would highly recommend it. Kim ( Ria 8 years old)

My 6 year old loves going to Carmel’s yoga class on Saturdays. It has not only helped with her fitness but also helped with her ability to calm herself when needed through the breathing techniques that she has learned. Carmel has a fabulous way with the children so my daughter has been introduced to yoga in a relaxed but fun class. I would highly recommend these classes and Carmel as an instructor.
- Katherine